Topics: Finishing Pearl Necklaces without Bead Tips

How can I finish my pearl necklaces without using bead tips? I don't have experience with French Wire. I refuse to leave glued loose ends though, they are ugly and unprofessional.

- Jennifer
The best advice I can give you is to use French wire, or bullion as it is sometimes called. French wire helps protect the thread or cord from abrading against the metal loops on clasps or other metal findings. French wire also masks the thread, making it appear to be the same color as the metal in the clasp, giving a seamless, professional finish to any design. French wire is available in gold and silver colors, smooth, twisted and zig zag finishes, all in multiple diameters to fit the stringing material.

Here are free illustrated instructions on ''How to Use French Wire with Thread'', that you may find helpful as you begin to explore this new finishing option for your pearl designs.

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