Topics: Displaying Jewelry

I have a lot of jewelry stored in my jewelry box. Some of the pieces I've made I'd actually like to have out and hanging on my wall--my own personal art gallery. I haven't seen anything like this available for sale--have you?

- Darriel

Hanging jewelry frames made from embroidery hoops are inexpensive, easy to make and attention-getting. A trip to your local craft and hardware stores is all it takes to get started.

Purchase several embroidery hoops, in varying sizes, along with a spool of fishing line and enough mesh cloth or screen to fill the hoops. Cut the mesh approximately 1/2 inch larger than the outside of the embroidery hoops. Unscrew the hoops and insert the mesh. Tighten the hoops and trim any excess mesh. Tie the fishing line to the screw on top of the hoops, in varying lengths, and suspend from the wall or ceiling. For heavier displays, double or triple the line for added strength. Dangle earrings or drape bracelets and necklaces from the mesh openings for colorful jewelry displays that pop against any background.

Try a mannequin for a piece of jewelry that looks better on rather than just hanging on a display. They are a great way to show off your artwork anywhere in your shop, studio or home.


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