Topics: Enlarging Pearl Holes

I was adding a few pearls to my latest design and some of them wouldn't fit onto my needle. I was able to use other pearls in the same strand to finish the necklace but how can I make use of the pearls that didn't work the first time?

- Susan

Leftover pearls with extra small holes can be strung on 26-gauge headpins, or very fine 0.012 Accu-Flex® beading wire.

However, if you'd like to use needle and thread again for your next design, use a pearl reamer to make the drill holes larger. These handy tools come with a very fine, tapered, corkscrew-like tip. Just pass the tip through the drill hole, hold onto the pearl and slide it back and forth to enlarge and smooth the hole. Once the holes are larger, you can work them into just about any pearl jewelry design.

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