Topics: Getting Started with Bead Embroidery

There are so many great beaded designs popping up in the stores--I don't want to pay the high prices the stores are charging though and would rather do my own bead embroidery. How do I get started?

- Terry

We have free how-to projects and how-to videos available that show bead embroidery in jewelry applications, as well as a beaded hand bag.

You can apply the techniques from these projects to clothing and have the best embellished clothing suited to your own style. Be sure to also follow these tips:
  • When you are sewing beads to your fabric or leather try to think of the beads as paint and the stitches as brush strokes
  • Position the beads so they follow the natural line of the object you are beading, for instance a pair of slippers would have a circular stitch pattern on the top of the foot and toe.
  • When backstitch beading, don't be tempted to go more than three beads at a time. Your work will have a nice tidy look and will hold up better if you do not apply too many beads per stitch.

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