Topics: Making a Twisted Necklace

What is the correct technique to make a twisted 3 or 2 strand necklace without unraveling the strands? What is the best beading wire to use? It's driving me nuts trying to figure it out.

- Beth

Twisted multi-strand necklaces are simply stunning, and fairly simple to make when you have the right components. The main part that you will need is called a twister clasp.

Twister clasps are hinged oval shaped clasps that open and close to connect the ends of continuous loop bead strands. You can use them to hold single or multiple strands together to form a necklace. It is recommended that each continuous strand of beads be approximately 36 to 42 inches in length so they will fit around your neck when folded over and twisted.

We do have a twisted necklace project with instructions that were generously provided by Simply Beads Magazine. Please review this project for tips you can use to design your own twisted necklace.


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