Topics: Using a Beading Needle

How do you thread a beading needle? Do you use a double thread as in regular sewing or a single thread?

- Angelica
Cut a length of thread to suit your project or per the project's instructions. Pass one end of the thread into the eye of the needle. If the instructions call for the thread to be doubled, once you have the thread through the eye, pull the thread end down to meet the other end, doubling your thread and still maintaining one piece of thread through the eye.

Tip on threading a needle: Use a sharp pair of scissors to trim the thread so the end is fresh and clean of any fraying. Hold the thread tightly between thumb and forefinger. Pull the thread down so the end of the thread is barely visible between your fingers. Hold the needle horizontally and, in a sawing motion, work the eye of the needle over the thread. The motion will force the thread into the eye of the needle. It may take a few tries to get this to work; once you have the motion down you will use this technique every time. If necessary, trim the thread in between tries so you have a greater chance of success.

For an even easier time of threading, be sure to check out the new Wide Eye Needleâ„¢. They make threading a needle a snap as almost the whole length of the needle is an eye! We have a lot of standard beading needles, in a lot of different sizes.

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