Topics: Mother-of-Pearl Shell and Freshwater Pearl Stringing Material

What kind of beading wire would I use with mother-of-pearl beads or cultured freshwater pearls?

- Sande
I recommend using 0.014-inch or 0.012-inch Accu-Flex® beading wire for pearls since pearl holes tend to be a bit smaller and the 0.012 and 0.014 wires will fit really well. These wire sizes are also lightweight which will complement the delicacy of the pearls. Depending on the hole size of the mother-of-pearl beads, I suggest the same size wire as you would use for pearls; if the holes are larger, 0.019 diameter would be suitable. You can choose any strand-count in these wire diameters (7, 21 or 49 strands).

When working with pearls, it's good to have a pearl reamer on hand as the drill holes can sometimes be too small or irregular. If you come across a pearl or two that you just can't string onto your wire, pull out your pearl reamer and gently enlarge the hole following the manufacturer's directions.

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