Topics: Using S-Hook Clasps

I don't understand how to use S-Hook clasps. Am I supposed to separate one of the S's so that the ring will slide on and off? I purchased one, but the S is too tight on both sides to slide the jump ring on and off.

- Pat
Yes, you have the right idea. Gently move one side of the S-hook open enough that you can slide on the end of your cord or chain; tighten it by squeezing it back into place. Attach the other half of your design to the jump ring. Open up the curve of the S-hook on the jump ring side to put the necklace or bracelet on and off.

Some S-hook clasps have two jump rings, one on each half of the "S." Use the jump rings to end each end of your design. Then open and close the S-hook accordingly to take off and put on your necklace or bracelet.

There are many S-hook clasps to choose from, select one that suits the style of your finished piece.

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