Topics: Attaching a Clasp to Charm Bracelet Chain

I bought this beautiful sterling silver interlocking hearts chain and plan to use it for a charm bracelet. I'm not sure how to attach a clasp to it, or what kind of clasp would be best. Can you advise?

- Rachel

The best type of clasp to use is based mostly on one you like and one that fits the overall style of your chain or finished design. The other elements you have to factor in are: if the clasp was designed to link to single or multiple strands, if there are connectors or loops on the clasp so you can connect it to your stringing material and if the clasp is strong enough to hold the weight of your finished design.

Most clasps have loops on either half so they can be attached to any stringing material, whether it's chain, Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire, or thread. For the sterling silver chain you have chosen, we would suggest using a sterling silver jump ring to attach a clasp as they are durable and will blend in well with the design of the chain.

Additional Materials

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