Topics: Simple Lariat Necklace

Please explain how to make a simple lariat necklace. Also I would like to learn how to make a choker necklace with a focal piece.
- Alicia
There are instructions on a lariat-style necklace in our free beading instructions Jewelry-Making Projects.

Simply Beads magazine shared one of their "Multi-Strand Necklace with Red Seed Beads" projects with us which you may like to try. To add a focal piece, determine the center of your beaded strands. String the first half of each strand, pass the threads through the focal piece and then continue stringing the second half of your strands.

You can find many inspirational designs in our Gallery of Designs which are complete with material lists. Not all Gallery of Designs have instructions but there is a zoom feature which allows you to see every detail of every design up close.


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