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Your design 7431, Bangles with Swarovski Pendants has some kind of base with holes. What is it and what kind of beading wire is used to string the crystals on the bracelet?
- Linda
Swarovski provided us with illustrations on how to assemble the project, as well as an illustration of the tool that made holes in a piece of acrylic tubing.

The tool used is a revolving punch, the tubing is for plumbing, both can be found in your local hardware store. Please note, the tubing is available in multiple diameters, I liked the 1/4 inch outside diameter and the 3/8 inch outside diameter as their dimensions work well with the pendants.

The pendants were strung through the holes in the tubing made by the punch with thread; I would recommend Nymo® size D Nymo is nylon based and a very strong thread, size D is the heaviest diameter available.

Our ''Types and Sizes of Beading Thread and Stringing Material'' chart provides information that will assist you in selecting stringing materials appropriate for the beads you decide to use for your interpretation of the design.

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