Topics: Bone Beads for Native American Breast Plate

I am working on Native American Pow Wow Regalia with my junior high school students. We try to be culturally sensitive and I throw in several history lessons along the way. I need bone beads about 3.5 inches long with about a 4mm opening to pass leather through. It has been harder than it might seem to find this size bead. I have found lots of patterns, however no beads. Any ideas? The chief needs a breast plate!
- Dawn
Finding beads 3-1/2 inches long with a hole size of 4mm will be difficult since it is very challenging to make a hole that size consistently in a bead that long. 3-1/2 inch bone and horn hairpipe beads are available with a hole size close to 2.5mm. If your pattern would allow for narrower leather cord, these beads could work for your design.

And if you need to weave the cording back and forth through the beads, you might consider using 0.5mm leather cording or sinew, and then use larger diameter leather cording along the sides to keep the look on a more traditional level.


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