Topics: Making Wine Glass Charms

I'm eyeing the sand dollar pendants to make a sort of wine glass charm for my brother's wedding; the simpler the better with a "plain" type of chain to hold the pendant. I'll need to make 60 of them for the wedding. How do I go about making these?
- John
Ring size memory wire is a common choice and easy to use for wine glass charms. Memory wire needs to be cut using memory wire shears so you have individual rings for each glass. The sand dollar charm would display correctly if hung onto a ring of memory wire using a jumpring. You can keep it simple by threading the jumpring onto the wire, adding just the charm, although adding beads that match the theme of the wedding would also work. Finish the ends of the memory wire to secure the charm using either a loop or by gluing on half-drilled memory wire bead ends.

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