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I'm looking for something called a "marking pin." They are normally 3" long, and used to mark your place on fabric. I have seen them for use on cross stitch embroidery, usually with a bead or charm attached to the head part. It would seem to me that headpins are too flimsy. This should be something strong, with a blunt end. Do you carry these, or know where I can find them?
- Pamela
Straight stick pins would work well. These heavy-duty pins are available in both silver- and gold-plated. They're strong enough to stand up to repeated use, and can be personalized any way you choose--just select a dynamic lampworked glass bead and thread it up the pin from the pointed end. If the hole is too large, cap the bead on both ends with bead caps. Glue in place. The points can be cut off or filed down to a flat surface using these needle files.

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