Topics: Making a Knotted Pearl Necklace

How do I string small pearls on silk thread with knots between each pearl and what type of needle should I use?
- Mary Anne
The Wide-Eye Needle™ works well for almost all beading projects. It is made from a very fine yet strong wire, and will fit through most of the smaller pearls and beads. Make sure the thread is lightweight enough to pass through the drill holes in the pearls. Among pearls, hole size is proportional to pearl size; the smaller the pearl, the smaller the stringing hole. For the smallest pearls, you may find Purely Silk™ size 00 silk thread is your best investment. For most freshwater pearls, Purely Silk size D will work well. String your thread onto the Wide-Eye Needle, double over the thread, pull the pearl over the needle and onto the thread. Knot as you go. Follow this free tutorial on knotting with ''Using The Bead Knotter™'' how-to video and illustrated instructions. Or follow the "Japanese Bead Knotting" illustrated instructions.

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