Topics: The Proper Clasp for Large Bead Bracelets

What size lobster-claw clasp do I use when making a bracelet which uses 12mm sterling silver round beads? What size silver wire do I need for stringing this?
- Eve
For a bracelet using larger beads, I would recommend the sterling silver oval triggerless clasp or the 17x11mm infinity lobster claw clasp. Both work well with larger beads. Not only do the larger clasps flow better with the larger beads, but they can also take the weight of the full piece better than more delicate styles.

For stringing these precious and often heavy sterling silver beads, many customers find that Accu-Flex® Professional Quality Beading Wire serves their needs: it's strong, yet flexible, and sharp-edged metal beads won't cut through it. You can choose between sterling silver or the more economical stainless steel Accu-Flex. Be sure to choose an appropriate wire weight. I suggest the 49 strand 0.019-inch for your best balance between strength and flexibility due to the weight and size of the beads.


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