Topics: Stringing Mountain Jade Lapis

I purchased some mountain ''jade'' lapis (6-10mm) from you. What type of thread should I use to string them into a necklace?
- Lillian
If you are using thread to string your beads, I would suggest Silkon® thread medium-weight # 2 or heavyweight #3. Silkon is designed to have the drape of silk thread, yet unlike silk, is nylon based so will resist fraying and breaking better than silk. Many customers find that Accu-Flex® Beading Wire serves their needs: it's strong, yet flexible, and sharp-edged gemstone beads won't cut through it. You can choose between all-purpose clear Accu-Flex or color-coated Accu-Flex. For beads of this size and weight, I suggest the 49-strand 0.019-inch wire for the best balance between strength and flexibility.

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