Topics: Finishing a Multi-strand Necklace

I believe the answer is a no-brainer but I cannot figure it out. I would like to find out how to finish off a multi-strand necklace, particularly when done on thread. When I go to How-To's, it brings up design ideas. I see the picture and the list of materials, but for the life of me, I cannot find instructions to go with it. How do I find what I want?
- Judy
To finish a multi-strand necklace that's been strung on thread or beading wire, bead tips or Hot Tips® designer bead tips are a great way to give strung jewelry a clean finished look. they flow right into the clasp, reflecting the same metal. Alternately, you can string the ends through French wire or bullion and finish with a knot, or you can gather all the strands into a cone and attach all the threads to your clasp with wire and a wrapped loop.

Here are links that demonstrate each technique.

Materials Resources

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