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Do you sell by the individual unit or only in a package? Do I have to buy a certain size to get the ''As Low As'' discount?
- Miriyam
Some products are available in units (packages) of one, and some in units containing more than one. Each product is different.

The ''As Low As'' prices indicate the lowest price available using the 100+ price break either for the individual pieces in the package or the package itself. If it is a unit of 10 beads with the final (100+) price break of $1.00 per unit, it will say ''As Low As $0.10 per bead.'' This allows you to compare costs on a per-piece level for the best prices at the best quantities.

All products, regardless of unit size, are covered under All Assortable Pricing. There are four prices listed for each item in the catalogs and on the website. The four prices are for orders of 1 to 14 units; 15 to 49; 50 to 99; and 100 or more. The black colors are the lowest prices per unit. All Assortable pricing counts the total number of units. Therefore, you do not need to order 15 units of the same item to reach the 15--49 price break: you may add any number of items and the sum total of units is the key to the price break given. 50 of 1 unit or 1 of 50 units, it is all the same. This gives you flexibility to either dive deep into one particular product or add many different products to your shopping cart and receive discount pricing. In other words, mix and match to your heart's content.

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