Topics: Using Flexible Beading Wire with Gemstone Beads

Is 0.014-inch beading wire a good size for 10mm lapis lazuli and 16x12mm tourmaline beads? Will a 0.08mm inside diameter crimp work?
- Gloria
Since your gemstone beads are larger in size, you may find that using the 49-strand count of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire beading wire such as the 0.019-inch or the 0.024-inch may work better for you. These have a heavier tensile strength and will hold up to the larger gemstones better.

Doubled 0.019-inch Accu-Flex is 0.038-inch or just under 1mm. Doubled 0.024-inch Accu-Flex is 0.048-inch or about 1.2mm. Most standard 2x2mm crimp beads have a 1mm to 1.4mmn inside diameter and will fit either wire doubled. This quick ''Metric Conversions'' can give you a quick idea of whether beading wire will fit through a particular crimp. Remember to double the wire width if you're going run the cable through the crimp twice.

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