Topics: Elastic Watch Bands

I've been making stretchy watches and using 1mm elastic string by Craft Designer. It loses its elasticity and even breaks after a fairly short period of time. Not good for return clients. There is a much stronger elastic available, somewhere--I know this because someone I know used it on a watch they gave to me. It has lasted over two years and is still together. Can you tell me what is best for this and your favorite glue to use for the knots? Thank you so very much!
- Carol
Many beaders find that using Powercord® is ideal for their elastic cord needs. Powercord is latex-free and returns to its original shape after stretching. It is created from high quality elastic and it knots easily to terminate the strands. Using a flexible adhesive such as E6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive is ideal for securing the knots in place.

Cut the cord to the length you need then consider these two tips when working with elastic cord:
  • Hold an end in each hand and draw your hands outward, stretching the cord; repeat this motion at least three times. Prestretching helps ensure the cord won't break after you've finished your design.
  • Place a small amount of baby powder in your hand then run the cut length of cording through the powder. By applying a fine coating of baby powder to the cording you will make it less ''sticky'' and therefore easier to string on your beads.


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