Topics: Stringing Material for Necklaces and Bracelets

What size wire or thread do I use for stringing necklaces and bracelets?
- Kisiah
Heavier beads and components, as well as sharp-edged metal or stone, require sturdier stringing material. Lighter weight and softer materials can be strung on more delicate thread or cord.

For seed beads, Nymo® nylon beading thread is a popular choice. It's lightweight, durable and comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors, as well as in two different spool sizes.

For working with seed beads and crystal, one of the most popular products on the market is FireLine® thread for jewelry-making. Renowned for its exceptional strength and versatility, FireLine® holds up well to beads with sharp or rough edges. FireLine® doesn't stretch or tangle and threads effortlessly--try it with the Wide-Eye Needle™. FireLine® is also UV protected to withstand the weakening effects of sunlight.

For stringing metal beads and "hard" gem bead materials such as garnet, rock crystal, amethyst, etc., many of our customers prefer Silkon® bonded nylon thread. Since metal and ''hard'' gem bead materials tend to have abrasive edged drill holes, they tend to fray silk or softer cords. Silkon bonded nylon thread is a synthetic material that drapes and knots like silk, but resists fraying and has incredible strength. It comes in light, medium and heavy weights and in a wide variety of colors.

For stringing peals, the traditional thread is genuine silk. But don't limit yourself--silk can be used for other beaded pieces as well. This natural material has the widest range of sizes, as well as the largest variety of colors of any of the materials listed here.

For stretch bracelets and necklaces, elastic cord is the answer. Elastic cord knots well and is easy to string and use.

For durable and long-lasting jewelry, most of our customers choose Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire. Accu-Flex beading wire is a strong nylon-coated multi-strand cable available in various thicknesses, colors and metals. Different thicknesses of Accu-Flex beading wire can carry different weights.

The more strands a wire is made of, the more flexible it is. The measurement of Accu-Flex beading wire is in inches. The ultra-lightweight wire is 0.012 inch and it's best used with beads that have small beading holes, such as pearls. The heavyweight wire, 0.024 inch is best used with heavy jewelry projects. This wire can be used to string the heaviest gemstone nuggets and metal beads.


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