Topics: Will Silver-Plated Beads Patina?

Will silver-plated pieces get the antique color that regular silver gets, get a bad color or never change color?
- Nina
Silver-plated items will oxidize like sterling silver and get the antiqued patina that many designers prefer. However, all plating eventually wears down to the item's base metal with excessive wear. For long life of the silver color, we recommend using sterling silver. The amount of time it takes for silver items to acquire that vintage look depends on the purity of the metal in the finish and the environment it is subject to (this includes individual body chemistry, as well as cleaners, solvents and perfumes).

If you prefer the vintage look a patina gives your work, you can create it quickly by using Liver of Sulfur™. Following the manufacturer's directions, mix a little of the powder with warm water and apply it to the silver surface. Let it dry and polish the surface with a Moonshine® cloth, one of the many cleaners and polishers available.

When using cleaning and polishing tools, please read all directions and make sure the tool is appropriate for the job. Opals, pearls and other items require special handling when being cleaned and polished.

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