Topics: Using Crimp Ends for a Professional Finish

How can I give my jewelry ends a professional finish after I crimp them?
- Frederica
A crimp can sometimes be hidden within a nearby bead, if the hole is large enough. If the hole is too small, then crimp covers can save the day. Crimp covers are easy to use and come in two sizes to work with the different sizes of crimp beads.

To use crimp covers, place the cover over the crimped bead and gently close it until the two parts meet. (Use the nylon jaw pliers and be confident you won't scratch or dent the crimp covers. If you prefer, you can also use the rounded section of your crimping pliers. The 3mm crimp covers should be used for 1-2mm crimp beads and the 4mm covers should be used for 2-3mm crimp beads.

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