Topics: An Extra Hand with Multiple Bead Strands

When working on a multiple strand necklace, what advice do you give as far as handling the ends while you're beading? I've tried it and sometimes drop a line and my beads go everywhere!
- Vee
Hemostats to the rescue!

This handy tool isn't just for surgeons anymore--jewelry makers find them infinitely helpful to hold threads and beads in place while working.

Bead Stoppers™ are another great way to keep your beads on your cording. Simply squeeze the two end loops together to separate the coils, clip a coil onto your stringing material and release the ends. They can hold up to ten strands at once, keeping your beads in place while giving you the chance to review your design before finishing it with your findings.

If you find you need to hold heavier items together, especially while using glues or adhesives, try bonding clips to stabilize your work. The rubber-coated surfaces won't damage delicate surfaces.


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