Topics: Finding a Good Beginner's Beading Book

I would like to learn how to do beading, but there are no classes or much material in my area for "entry level" beginners. Can you tell me what are some good books that I may order that will start me out on the correct path?
- Badana
Welcome to world of jewelry-making. In addition to the book suggestions below, here are some FREE online resources to get you started:
  • Jewelry Maker's Recource Center
    • Contains everything you ever wanted to know about jewelry-making supplies, beads, beading, and more! You'll find inspirational design ideas, answers to jewelry-making questions from leading experts in the field, project tutorials, thousands of event listings, and the latest colors and styles. It's all here in one, easy-to-use resource.
  • Free Beading Instructions
    • Over 200 jewelry-making and bead-related projects from basic to advanced, with easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations
  • How-To Videos
    • Demonstrates over 35 jewelry-making techniques
  • Simple Tips for Jewelry-Making
    • Listing quick tips for creating jewelry, cleaning metals, sorting and many, many more ideas shared by leading experts in the jewelry-making industry.
  • EncycloBEADia
    • Contains charts, know-how, articles and other beading and jewelry-making information.
  • Ask the Experts
    • Is full of answers from jewelry designer/artists to questions from other jewelry designer/artists.
Resources that are good to have in your jewelry-maker's corner:
  • "Secrets to Beading Success," a Fire Mountain Gems and Beads publication
    • The booklet includes 14 projects and 16 comprehensive jewelry-making techniques, increasing in level of expertise as you move through the resource book. The projects and beading techniques build upon one another, utilizing your leftover jewelry-making supplies from one project to the next.
  • "The Beadmakers' Handbook"
    • Contains how-to's and beading tips. Download the PDF and print your own handy copy!


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