Topics: Wire Gauge for a Wire-Wrapped Ring

I recently purchased a bead ring from a street vendor. The ring's band is made with a smooth silver wire with two loops, then a bead is attached using a thinner wire which is threaded through the ring's loops and twisted to secure. What kind and gauge of hypo-allergenic wire can be used to make a similar ring for my family and friends?
- Betty
The gauge of wire recommended for the band is 16 or 14 gauge. These are heavy gauges and will hold the shape of the ring better than a finer wire. The gauge wire you can use for attaching the bead to the band will be dictated by the size of the hole in the bead. It is recommended to use the heaviest gauge wire possible, so the bead remains securely in place.

The hypo-allergenic wire options include gold-filled, sterling silver and niobium wire. And for those that are still sensitive to these metals, apply a coat of Jewelry Shield™ to help prevent a reaction. Jewelry Shield is transparent so it won't interfere with your design and paints on like nail polish.

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