Topics: Designing a Chain Necklace

I am trying to make a necklace that incorporates beads and chain. I have to cut the chain into small sections (3-4 inches long) and I am new to jewelry-making. Which chain would you recommend using? Is there a style that is easier to cut to the desired lengths? My design also has bead chips being attached to each of the chain links. I do not own fancy tools to cut chain.
- Rajashree
Designing chain necklaces with beads is a great way to create the popular long-style necklaces. It is recommended to use medium to large link chain, as it is easier to attach the sections of chain to the beaded sections. Chain styles with open links (which are easy to slip eyepins or jumprings through) work great for this type of design. Some of the more popular chain types for necklace styles like this are Figaro, figure 8 and curb. Any regular cutting pliers or nippers can be used to cut these chains.

Another option is to open the links in chains and attach them directly to the eyepins or jumprings. Plated chain works best for this design choice, as plated chains have links which can be opened and closed while precious metal chains are typically comprised of links which have been soldered closed and require being cut. Choose styles with large open links, such as silver-plated curb chain. The same chain is also available in gold-plate. Please be gentle when opening the links of plated chains. We recommend opening individual links in the same way as opening jumprings, to avoid cracking or loosening the plating.

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