Topics: Securing Letter Beads to Leather Cording

I am making bracelets using 4.6mm alphabet letters and 2mm leather cording. My letters (arranged into a word) are centered on the cord. To hold them in place so they don't slide, I tie a knot on each side of the word. I am looking to use some type of bead, crimp or something instead of the knot to prevent the letters from sliding on the cord. Any suggestions? I saw something called smart beads but I don't think the hole is big enough to fit the 2mm leather through it.
- Lynne
SmartBead BPS, or Bead Positioning System, offers options that work well with cord and snake chains from 1.5 to 3 millimeters. This is a great option for your bracelet, as the silicone lining of the bead grips the stringing material and keeps your design in place.

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