Topics: Choosing the Right Stringing Material

I was wondering which thread to use when stitching a necklace using a mix of beads, including seed beads and crystals. I would love a thread that is really strong and available in several colors.
- Hilde
Many customers prefer Silkon® bonded nylon thread. Since crystal and seed beads tend to have sharp edged holes, they tend to fray silk or softer cords. Silkon is a synthetic material that drapes and knots like silk, yet resists fraying and has incredible strength. It comes in light, medium, and heavy weights and in a wide variety of colors.

There are two other popular choices for working with seed beads. Nymo® nylon thread, is lightweight, durable and comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors, as well as two different spool sizes. FireLine™ thread, renowned for its exceptional strength and versatility, resists abrasion. FireLine doesn't stretch or tangle, threads effortlessly and offers UV protection to your design. We recommend cutting FireLine with wire cutters as well as recommend stringing beads onto the FireLine with a Wide-Eye Needle™ as the eye suits the diameter of FireLine well.

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