Topics: Memory Wire Measurements

I want to order the memory wire and I would like to know what all those numbers mean. Do you have a paper that can explain this?
- Anna
The following is an example of a memory wire entry in our online catalog. I'll go over each number within it to clarify the meaning of each value in the parenthesis.

Memory wire, stainless steel, silver color, 2-1/4 inch bracelet (diameter of the coil), .75mm thick (gauge or thickness of the wire). Sold per package of 12 loops (the amount of complete rings per coil).

Memory wire is sold as a continuous length of wire wound into a coil which contains many ''rings'' of wire. Depending on your design requirements, memory wire is cut into sections of one, two, three or more rings. Memory wire is a hardened steel so it retains its round shape very well. Make sure to use memory wire shears when cutting memory wire, as the wire is much harder than other types of wire and will damage other types of wire cutters.

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