Topics: Attaching an Extension Chain

I have heard all about grow chains to add to bracelets. How do you make those and attach them? I am interested in adding them to my bracelets when I start making them soon. Thank you!
- Tammie
It sounds like you are referring to chain extenders. Chain extenders are a length of chain, usually 1-1/ 2 to 2 inches, containing a jumpring, soldered ring or link of chain on one end. To connect the end of the chain extenders to your design, open the jumpring and attach to your design near the clasp. If the links on the ends of the chain extender are closed, use a jumpring to connect the ends to your designs.

Chain extenders give the wearer a little extra length and adjustability and are especially nice to include with gift jewelry. Chain extenders come in a variety of designs to coordinate with necklaces, bracelets and anklets of any type!

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