Topics: Finishing a Silk Multi-Strand Necklace

I have seen a necklace that I would love to make, but I need advice on the clasp at the back. The necklace was 10 strands of silk thread with pearls and crystals knotted about 1 to 1-1/2 inches apart. It looked like a crimp with a loop that finished it off, but I am unsure which one to order to complete the necklace, or even if this is the right way to go. Can you please advise? Thanks so much!
- Louise
It sounds like bead tips were used in the construction of the design. Crimps aren't typically found in designs using silk or other fine threads as the metal would cut through either immediately or over time as the piece is worn. Bead tips are often used however, as they finish the end of your design neatly by covering the knot at the end of a cord and connect the strand to a metal clasp. There are three types of bead tips: side clamp-on, standard style and bottom clamp-on. A side clamp-on bead tip has two halves that close over the knot from the side and can be added to your design after it has been strung. This is a great option if you find a vintage strand of beads which are finished with a knot but don't have a bead-tip finding already in place, yet you'd like there to be one. This comes in handy for many reasons that will make "not having to restring" a sigh of relief. The standard style is a cup that hides the knot and needs to be integrated into your design as it's being strung. A bottom clamp-on bead tip has two halves that close from the bottom and also needs to be integrated into the design from the beginning. In the bottom clamp-on category, there is a fabulous collection of Hot Tips designer bead tips, which are available in many motifs to coordinate with your jewelry designs, adding even more artistic touch to your finished designs.

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