Topics: Attaching an Extension Chain

I would like to know how best to attach an extension chain. Can I crimp directly on to the chain, or do I need to first attach to a jump ring, and what kind of jump ring. I was thinking of using a lobster claw on one end to hook on to the chain. Thank you!
- Meeta
You may crimp directly to a chain extender made up of metal links, if you want the extender to be permanently attached to the necklace or bracelet. You can also use a jump ring to attach a chain extender to an already finished piece of jewelry. This would give you greater versatility as the chain could be changed without having to disassemble the design.

An oval jump ring in a gauge and size that is complementary with the gauge and size of the links in the extender chain is ideal for attaching the extender chain. An oval jump ring has a split on the side causing the chain extender to rest in the narrower curve of the ring rather than right on the split as a round jump ring would. A complementary sized lobster claw clasp is perfectly geared to this type of extender.

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