Topics: Multi-Strand Twisted Necklace Design Options

When twisting strands together, I always have trouble keeping them tightly twisted when I am adding the clasp. Any suggestions?
- Denise
Here is advice from Marlynn McNutt, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

''When making a twisted multi-strand design that is attached to a clasp, I attach one side of the strands to one portion of the clasp. I twist the strands together, in somewhat of a braid before I attach them to the second portion of the clasp. This really helps keep the strands the way I want them.''

Molly Schaller, former editor of Simply Beads magazine, shares this tip:

''Try using a twister clasp to create your twisted design. Twister clasps enable you to take a long beaded necklace and transform it into a shorter, twisted necklace--giving you design options with just one necklace!

To create the twisted necklace, fold the finished beaded necklace in half. Insert a finger into each loop created on the ends. Twist your fingers in opposite directions, twisting until you're happy with the tension and look of the twists. Insert the open twister clasp into one of the twisted ends. While holding each end of the necklace, bring it around your neck, slip the open clasp through the other looped end and close the clasp.''


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