Topics: Using FireLine® for Heavier Designs

I am looking for a thread/cord that WON'T STRETCH and can be used with heavier beads and knotted to finish. I have read that Dandyline braided beading cord is a good one, but you don't carry it. So, which is the correct one to use? Also, I would like it to come in colors. Thank you.
- Kelley
FireLine® thread is great for working with seed beads, crystals and heavier beads when making jewelry. Renowned for its exceptional strength and versatility, is strong and resists abrasion. FireLine doesn't stretch or tangle and threads effortlessly--try it with the Wide-Eye Needle™. Be sure to use wire cutters when working with FireLine and not scissors since they will be damaged. FireLine is also UV protected to withstand the weakening effects of sunlight. FireLine comes in many sizes, each designed to hold up to a maximum weight, as well as two colors: clear and smoke. FireLine can be colored using permanent markers so that it matches your project.


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