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I think your how-to videos are a wonderful addition to your site. I was watching the bead tip and French wire videos in particular. My question/suggestion is that I don't have a problem with finishing my jewelry on the first end but after the stringing is complete it is the second end which gives me trouble, when you have to tighten the string so that there are no loose beads. French wire is very difficult to use, but doubly so when you are finishing the second end. For example: when I pull the loop, the wire tends to spread and becomes useless. Can you include the second half of the how-to as well as the first?
- Helene
To finish the second end, make sure all of the beads are tight and that there are no gaps on the Accu-Flex® beading wire or other stringing material. String the crimp bead, the French wire and the loop of the clasp then pass back through the crimp.

Bend the French wire around the clasp loop and gently pull the Accu-Flex beading wire until it tightens the crimp against the beads and the French wire closes in a loop against the crimp. Support the French wire with your fingers as you are tightening. Crimp the crimp bead using crimping pliers.

The secret is to have the beads in place and no gaps in between before you begin, and to have the crimp and French wire as close to the beads as possible so you don't have to move them far--this saves the shape of the French wire.

An alternative to French wire (bullion) are the U-shaped Accu-Guard™ wire protectors, which are designed to protect wire from undue wear from clasps and other sharp-edge components.

This is a great suggestion for future how-to videos--thanks for your feedback!

- Marlynn McNutt, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

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