Topics: Disposing of Liver of Sulfur

After you have used a liver of sulfur bath for a fired metal clay piece, how do you dispose of the liver of sulfur? Thanks for your help.
- Catherine
Though Liver of Sulfur (potassium polysulfide) can be a hazardous substance in dry form (please read this product's warning label), it quickly goes inert with exposure to air and moisture, so the bath can be safely disposed of down the drain. Flush the pipes with water for several minutes afterward. If you don't have access to water in your studio, neutralize the bath with a baking soda solution, pour it into sawdust or kitty litter, let it dry outdoors and dispose of it in the garbage.

Make sure you work with a Liver of Sulfur bath in a well ventilated area, wear rubber gloves and use copper tongs to manipulate your pieces in the bath and never add any type of acid to the bath or the gas will become terribly toxic.

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