Topics: Seed Bead Bail

I'd like to make a loop using seed beads, to show off this focal piece I have. How do you do that?
- Catherine
If the focal is drilled or has a hole of some sort, create a simple seed bead bail by cutting a piece of Accu-Flex® beading wire, passing it through the focal, string some seed beads to the desired size. Add a crimp bead, where it can't be seen, and double your wire through all the beads. Use crimping pliers to secure and conceal it with a crimp cover. Voila! Your beaded bail looks tidy and professional.

An option for freeform shapes or non-calibrated cabochons, or for a more intricate seed bead bail use a peyote stitch to create a strip to the desired length, then double it over and attach it to the focal. If you are working with an undrilled cabochon or component you can create a seed bead bezel around the component and then create a bail at the top of the bezel.

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