Topics: Jewelry-Making Books for Beginners

Is there one book that would be the best primer for getting started jewelry making?
- Martha
There's a book on every facet of jewelry-making, and it all depends on where you want to focus. We've listed some of our customers' favorites below. You don't have to limit yourself to books. There's plenty to learn from our Free Beading Instructions resource where you'll find over 400 step-by-step projects and over 80 step-by-step techniques.

Be sure to check the Gallery of Designs for over 5,000 design inspirations and the EncycloBEADiaâ„¢ Resource. This is a resource center chock-full of helpful hints, information charts, a beader's dictionary and more. Or you can turn to The Beadmaker's Handbook, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' first publication--the basics of bead stringing and jewelry-making.


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