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I'm just learning to work with wire. I'm ordering a jig, but have no idea what wire type, gauge, hardness, etc., to use. Can you give me some guidelines please?
- Wanda
Working with a wire jig is a great way to start wireworking. The best way to learn this technique is in a class or with a wireworking book. This way, you gain from the trial and error of an expert and the projects featured have very specific material lists that you can shop from.

In general, the wire type, gauge and hardness you choose depends on the type of project you're making.
  • What color and quality do you want the final piece to be? That will determine the wire type. View the article ''Thread, Cord and Wire Information'' to learn about specific wires.
  • Does the piece include beads? If so, the wire needs to be the proper wire gauge to fit snugly through the bead holes.
  • Does it need to be structurally rigid? That will determine your wire hardness.
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