Topics: Finishing a Peyote Stitched Piece

I've been watching your videos on peyote stitch and you don't show how to attach a clasp at the end. I like wide bracelets and can't figure out how to finish the piece. Thank you.
- Teri
One way to finish a peyote-stitched bracelet is to place a small amount of E6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive inside a ribbon crimp end and compress it over the end of the end of the beadwork. Once that's in position, use a jump ring to attach a clasp to the loop on the end of the ribbon crimp end.

In our ''Bracelet with Cultured Freshwater Pearl Beads and Seed Beads'' illustrated instructions, the loops of a slide lock clasp are attached to the ends of a woven peyote stitch strip using thread.

Another option is to create a loop of strung seed beads on each end of the strip then attaching the clasp on one end. The beads will hide the thread as well as offer a buffer between the thread and the clasp; however, the thread will hold up just fine if you prefer not to add additional beads.

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