Topics: SilkonĀ® thread, use with Swarovski crystal and pearls

There's a necklace I'd like to make that calls for waxed linen cord, but I'd rather use a different stringing material. What would be a good substitute? The design uses Swarovski crystals and pearls, and the cord is knotted between groups of beads. Thank you.
- Nadine
Heavyweight SilkonĀ® thread is perfect for knotting between Swarovski crystals and pearls of all tyes. Silkon is made with a special heat-set nylon that resists fraying, making it a good choice for use with crystals because the beads may have sharp edges surrounding the holes. Silkon drapes nicely and comes in many different colors, so you can coordinate your choice to match your designs.

To learn effective techniques for knotting between beads, view our free ''Endless Necklace'' and ''Japanese Bead Knotting'' illustrated instructions.

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