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I made a necklace with a lot of drops. What should I do to counter-weight it so it hangs right? It seems heavy and wants to go in a "V" but then the sides look bunched up? Any suggestions? Can you show me some ideas of counter-weighting?
- Gretchen
It may be that your stringing material isn't rigid enough to keep its shape. Accu-Flex® beading wire is a good choice for this type of project as it's flexible, yet strong enough to take the abrasion of the stones while holding its shape since it's made out of steel. For a necklace with lots of drops, use the thickest diameter, 0.024-inch as long as it will pass through your beads.

As shown on the ''Accu-Flex Tensile Strength Information'' chart, this width can handle between 13 and 40 pounds of weight.

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