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How do I use ribbon ends on my loomworked bracelets? Every time I attach one I crush some of the beads because the clamp doesn't seem large enough to cover the beads. I've seen other examples of loom and off-loom bracelets with these ends attached, but I don't know how to properly attach them. Do you have any bar clasps that are made specifically for stitched bracelets and necklaces or some kind of instructional resource on how to use the ribbon clasp on beadwork?
- Elaine
Ribbon ends are an option, but were designed for use with flat ribbon. Since your beadwork has dimension, the ribbon end will not close all the way. Use a ribbon end with smaller teeth and use chain-nose pliers to gently close it partially, or enough for the jaws to lightly hook into the beadwork. For added security, add a little E-6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive to the inside of the ribbon end before you close it over the work.

End bars with fold-in ends would be a perfect solution to your dilemma. They are easy to use and look nice. The open end allows you to slide the last row of your design inside without crushing your beads. Fold the open end down to secure the piece in place. The tube accepts round beads up to 3mm in diameter.

Another nice option to finish flat beaded jewelry is to stitch a slide lock or other straight-profile multi-strand clasp to the ends of your design.

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