Topics: Knotted Necklace Sizing

What size necklace will a 16-inch strand of beads make when knotted?
- Nicole, GA
It depends on the size of your beads and the thickness of your thread. To give you an idea of how to calculate your finished necklace length, here is an estimation guide where a knot equals 1mm.

Bead Size Strand Length/Number of Beads
4mm 16-inch strand, 102 beads, knotted makes 20-inch long necklace
6mm 16-inch strand, 68 beads, knotted makes 18-3/4 inch long necklace
8mm 16-inch strand, 51 beads, knotted makes 18-inch long necklace

- Marlynn McNutt, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

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