Topics: Snap-Tites®, Faceted Gems

How do I use Snap-Tites and what sizes of stone fit in them?
- Helena, VT
To set a faceted gem in a Snap-Tite setting, place a gem face down on a non-abrasive surface, push the mounting down over the gem and listen for the click. Occasionally, a small adjustment with pliers is needed to make sure the prongs are well seated securely over the gem.

Snap-Tite® mountings accommodate calibrated gems with the same measurements; for example, a 10x7mm pear shape Snap-Tite will hold a 10x7mm pear shape faceted gem. These mountings should accommodate a gem that is one-half size larger; i.e., a 6.5mm gem should fit in a 6mm mounting.

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