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What size headpin should I use with the different sizes of beads?
- Fernando, FL
If you are making components, using small crystals (4mm), small pearls (4mm) or gemstone beads (4mm or smaller), you may want to use the 0.021-inch headpins because of the smaller bead holes. For 6mm or larger beads you may be able to use 0.028-inch headpins. If you plan to use beads with larger holes, you can use the largest headpins and consider putting a bead with a smaller hole on the bottom of the head pin to hold the larger beads (if they pass over the head on the pin). You can also use a rondelle or even a round bead that partially fits inside the larger bead's hole to take up the space between the headpin and the bead hole, keeping the larger beads properly in line on the headpin.

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