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Many of my customers are looking for 0.7 mm cord to use as the middle thread in knotted Shamballa bracelets. Can you recommend a cord or thread other than polyester? I hope you can help, as this is a question I get almost every day. Kind regards.
- Lene
Woven round cord is a good option for knotted Shamballa bracelets. It has the look of leather, but is made with biodegradable cotton and knots easily and securely. Waxed cotton is another good choice; this is a tightly woven, easily knotted thread that comes in a wide variety of colors and three different sizes: 0.5, 1 and 2mm. Another thread you can use is Purely Silkā„¢ silk cord. The thickest size available is FFF (.419mm), so this will make a more delicate bracelet.

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