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My beaded design is strung on Accu-Flex® wire. I'd like to attach the wire end to several inches of leather or rubber cord before I attach the clasp. I know how to make the connection at the clasp, but what should I use to connect the wire to the cord? I've been looking at cord tips; some have holes, some have loops.

- Maureen
Your best bet is to add a cord end or crimp end to the end of the leather or rubber cord. These findings are easy to use. Some types can be glued into place with a dab of E-6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive, others can simply be crimped into place with chain-nose pliers. Once you've attached the finding to the cord, connect your Accu-Flex beading wire to the cord end's loop using a crimp bead and crimping pliers.

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